My bachelor thesis discusses the phenomenon of the »performance society«. It questions the foundation, background and consequences of perfectionism, compulsive need for control and performance pressure, and it explains different ways and effects of leisure and recreation on creativity and work in general.

I created two different books, one covering the whole theoretic part of my thesis, the other one being the practical component. In order to pick up on the discussion about workaholism and constant postponement of personal projects and leisure activites, I wanted to design a little booklet introducing »55 things to do before you die« as a kind of reminder of those unique, memorable moments in life you should indulge in once in a while, to be brave and try something new. Finally to challenge myself and to experiment with typography and calligraphy, I illustrated various letterings for some of my favourite tasks.

For those interested in further reading, I did an extensive interview on my thesis as well as on the whole topic itself with Design made in Germany (german only).

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